Reference Material

​FAST offers all Reference Library documents for signatories to edit or extract material, as necessary, to meet the specific needs of their organization.


Formation Ground School

This is the official Wing Pilot Ground School submitted by the Red Star Pilots Association (RPA).

Viewing this ground school presentation is highly recommended for all formation Wing candidates.

Use of this presentation does not replace formation flying professional instruction. The Red Star Pilots Association absolves itself of any liability that arises from the use of material presented herein.


Formation Knowledge Guide

Authored by Formation and Safety Team (FAST) pilots, this guide provides training for all pilots who want to become qualified to fly formation in accordance with FAST operational protocols. The guide begins with the basics of formation and uses the building block approach to introduce the more complex aspects. Also included are FAST communications protocols, as well as coverage of abnormal procedures and operating limitations.

(updated Dec 2016)


Hold Harmless Templates

Sample Hold Harmless Agreements. Feel free to adapt for your organization's specific needs.

(Generously donated by NATA)